Genetics Fanatics Hop Latent Viroid Testing


Genetics Fanatics tests all strains multiple times throughout the year to ensure all is healthy and HLVd free. Below is information from Tumi Genomics relating to HLVd and testing.


A Cannabis Pandemic

The cannabis industry is plagued by a pervasive and financially destructive disease known as hop latent viroid (HLVd). Reduced flower size and THC concentration are the most obvious signs of HLVd, which significantly lowers the value of affected harvests. Hop latent viroid likely reflects a cannabis pandemic, with identification in about 75% of facilities across the United States, Canada, and Europe**.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

There is no treatment for hop latent viroid other than time-consuming and expensive tissue culture procedures. The most effective way to prevent this disease from harming your crop is by preventative screening.

Consistent testing of your mother plants can identify early, asymptomatic infections before facility-wide spread and significant economic loss.

In general agriculture, routine pathogen testing is the norm and successfully limits the spread of viroid diseases.

We recommend growers screen their productive mother stock for hop latent every 4-6 weeks to avoid introducing infected clones into production. Pooled testing of a subset of clones provides an extra layer of protection. Investing in preventative screening upfront can save you from a significant economic loss at harvest time.

Tumi Genomics Hop Latent Viroid Diagnostic


The hop latent viroid PCR assay from TUMI Genomics employs the strictest and most precise detection strategy currently available. Our assay makes use of the diagnostic industry’s most advanced PCR technique, TaqMan-qPCR. Critical features of the assay include:

  • Detection of two targets in the HLVd genome to drastically reduce false positives and false negatives.

  • An internal control that confirms sample integrity in every test.

  • A sensitivity of 7.5 viroid copies per reaction, one of the most sensitive assays on the market*

  • Fully validated assay performance according to USDA standards including limit of detection, specificity, inclusivity, and accuracy.

  • 100% positive predictive value – meaning 100% accurate at finding true positives.

  • Consistent, accessible support from our team of scientists.

The goal of the TUMI Genomics’ hop latent viroid PCR assay is to detect positive plants early in an infection before it spreads throughout the facility. We provide growers with the most advanced diagnostic test possible, so they can feel confident in their crop and avoid financial loss.

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