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Since the legalization of the Hemp plant and its use, especially for medical reasons, the market has imploded with some of the most mind-blowing products coming to the surface. That is where we, Genetic Fanatics come in. Our love for the Hemp plant and its products dates back to the time when the very topic of Hemp use was taboo. But despite this, our passion pushed us to remain knowledgeable and pick up the best practices.

Coming to 2021, we are finally ready and here to present you with the results of our decade’s worth of labor. Genetic Fanatics understands your needs as growers and users of Hemp, for this reason, we present to you the best cuts from genetically ideal mother Hemp plants and not just from local cultivators but also international experts. When it comes to growing hemp. Consistency is key and that is why we pay extra attention to the plants that we stock to make sure that they are from a strong plant with a good reputation but also that the growers and cultivators we get our products from having the same dedication to quality that we do so that our customers get the best quality.

The cuts we sell to you, are guarantees of our promise to our customers. A promise of quality growth, genetic integrity, and strong roots. If you have found our website, then your search for quality hemp clones is over.


Our Goal & Practice

We understand the industry and our customers, to that end, we are confident that we can become America’s number one shop for sales of Hemp clones. With a dedication to traditional practices of growing hemp, paying attention to the health of the plant, and keeping up to date with the latest research in hemp genetics, we already have the ideal skills down to ensure our customers receive not just the best quality clones but also have access to sustainable hemp clones that they can use for their purposes. We want you to have the best possible experience from our services and get the best benefits from our products because this is the most sustainable business model a company can have. This is why we are confident that Genetic Fanatics will be your most preferred go-to shop for all your hemp clone needs.

We aim to provide our customers with the best cultivations of hemp not only from international growers but also from local experts. This way you, our customer, have access to everything you need whether it is a strain that is not available in the local climate or a local strain that you discovered works best for you. Regardless of whether you want our local or international offering, our quality control process will make sure that you get the best hemp clone available. We ensure quality to make sure your experience with our customer service and products is consistent so that you rely on us as readily as we want to serve your needs.


Our Values

Always Working

Genetics Fanatics is always working to bring the best cuts for our customers by either hunting themselves or partnering with top breeders or trusted associates we have worked with over the years.

Award Winning Strains

Genetics Fanatics will try to bring as many award winning strains to our shop so you the customer have a diverse selection when shopping with us!

Knowledgeable Team

Genetics Fanatics is backed by a team with a combined experience of over 15 years that includes memebers that are experts with a Masters Degree or PhD to back it up!

Healthy Guarantee

We guarantee our cuts so if there any issues we will always replace for free with proper doccumentation.


Always Expanding Our Library

Genetics Fanatics will continue hunting through strains selecting top phenos so our selection will always be expanding!


Our Mission

Genetics Fanatics is here to bring you top cuts at affordable pricing!

Dave & Luke – Founders


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