Fems vs. Regs…what is right for your garden?


For the experienced grower, it’s no easy task selecting what types of genetics to purchase for the next round. For the hobbyist grower, it can be downright overwhelming. F1s, feminized, regular……how do you know what type of seed is best for your garden and space?

First of all, I would like to offer a bit of advice for all novice or beginning
growers…..keep and maintain clones of your finest selections to run consistently! Growing the same phenotype more than once will allow for you to cater and fine tune your cultivation methodology to the physiological characteristics of that particular plant! Feeding schedule,
light intensity, canopy management, and optimizing harvest window are all elements growers can seek improvement on. Take each trial as a learning experience, allowing for you to intimately understand and synchronize your garden to your mind.

F1 Seeds:
F1 seeds are first generation, meaning simply they come from different parents. Both mom and dad provide a unique genetic lineage from which the new seedling may develop. F1 seeds are the reason we are here today; first generation polyhybrids have increased potency and vigor among modern cannabis, while helping shape what genetics are commercially desirable. One of the most important factors to consider is that F1s will display hybrid vigor; these seeds will provide faster growth, bigger plants, and the potential to outproduce the parents. An example of this in the animal kingdom is a liger; a male lion mates with a female tiger to produce a significantly bigger offspring. The same genealogical concept translates to cannabis genetics and offspring potential.

Feminized / S1 seeds:
Feminized seeds are a great choice for growers without an active breeding program. The loss of males will provide a larger pool of females from which desirable or specific traits may be selected. If you are limited on space, growing outdoor, or want to hunt for a specific characteristic/terpene profile, feminized seeds are fantastic. For the grower who does not wish to take active clones or conduct any phenotype hunting, S1 feminized seeds may provide a group of similarly performing females with a more limited range of genetic variation when compared to F1 seeds. As a “set it and forget it” method of growing, feminized seeds require less work and devoted resources as males don’t need to be culled or grown out. As a result, feminized seeds are optimal for confined grows or grows with limited resources. For the botanist looking to minimize their in-field work, feminized genetics present a superior option. The beginning grower should also bear in mind that these seeds provide a lower risk when analyzing possibility of unwanted flower pollination due to a flowering male.

Whatever you decide to go with for your next round, you’ll never know until you get to poppin’!


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